All people want to have that perfect, white teeth especially when they say that a smile can make or break a first impression on a date or in a job interview. Aside from the aesthetics, clean and sparkling teeth can manifest your hygiene.  

However, due to habits that most people are unaware of, teeth damage becomes inevitable. These habits may include gritting the teeth, biting the nails, eating hard food like ice, drinking staining drinks like wine and coffee, and the list goes on. Brushing and flossing alone may not be adequate to achieve and maintain sparkling teeth. Also, due to several factors, you may develop misaligned teeth and/or jaw. This is where your cosmetic dentist plays the most important role in giving you back your self-confidence.  

Cosmetic dentistry provides you the following procedures and benefits: 

1.Teeth Bleaching 

Teeth bleaching is the most popular procedure to achieve a sparkling set of white teeth. This treatment corrects discoloration and pigmentation on your teeth typically after the teeth have been cleaned out from plaque, tartar, and other difficult stains on the teeth.  

For those individuals who do not have serious dental issues other than discoloration, bleaching is the cheapest procedure to undergo. In addition to this, individuals can also opt for over-the-counter whitening and bleaching products they can use at home.  


Veneers can be composite or ceramic, ceramic being more expensive and durable among the two. They are a standard cosmetic treatment use to repair teeth that have discoloration, chips, cracks, and holes and are fitted to provide a good facial surface.  

They are ideal to use to teeth that have dark stains that bleaching may not fix. The procedure depends on the type of veneer that is used.  

3.Enamel abrasion 

This procedure involves a micro-abrasion machine that removes stains from the teeth surface caused by wine, coffee, soda, and other products that stain the teeth. Unlike the veneer, it is not effective in hiding discolorations that have really permanently stained the teeth from the inside.  


Braces do have variations such as metal and ceramic braces, the former as being the traditional and most preferred by many patients when correcting misalignments, gaps, and other teeth issues.  

There are people who think that braces are for children; however, recent times have changed this perspective and no adults have been installing Invisalign braces that is put on the back part of the teeth, making it invisible to the naked eye. Braces can also correct jaw misalignment that causes chronic headaches and pain.  

5.Enamel bonding 

This procedure is more similar to having some dental fillings that use a moldable material that the dentist shapes to fit the teeth that the patient prefers. This is ideal for individuals who have chipped or deeply stained teeth. However, the con of this procedure is that it is not long-lasting compared to other alternatives. 

Final Thoughts 

Cosmetic dentistry is the solution to any teeth issues and problems one may encounter. Whether you are experiencing discoloration, stained teeth, cracks, chips, hole, and misalignments, all can be fixed using the technology we have now. Always visit your dentist for professional recommendations.